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Our Quality Polymer Products

Eco Polymers Recycling manufactures an extensive range of resins and powders to our customers specific requirements.

Eco Polymers Recycling’s remarkable growth has consolidated and reinforced its enviable reputation for producing consistent, high quality products. Our state of the art technology meets the most demanding customer requirements and specifications. Product quality is an integral part of Eco Polymers Recycling manufacturing protocols in the same way that reliability, integrity and professionalism characterise its business activities.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastics and reprocessing them into raw materials of polymer resins and powders. These are then used in making new useful products, sometimes completely different in form from their original state.

For instance, melting down soft drink bottles and casting them as plastic chairs and tables. Typically recycled plastic is not reprocessed into the same type of plastic. Products made from recycled plastics are often not recyclable.

Latest News & Links

Click here for more information on recycled plastic resins and powders and important links to valued industry, environmental and Government information and websites.

It is important for businesses today to meet the changing environmental requirements from all levels of Government and keep abreast of changing expectations of our community in relation to recycling. It not only maks good sense, it can save you money which ultimately will make you more money.


Welcome To Eco Polymers Recycling!

Eco Polymers RecyclingThere is an ever increasing demand for business and individuals to undertake more recycling and reuse consumable materials.

Now you can go one step further and use recycled plastic resins and powders in the production of your products. You will not only reduce your raw materials cost but your carbon footprint as well. It makes both economical and environmental sense.

Eco Polymers Recycling is a plastic reprocessing company committed to innovation and providing service above our customers’ expectations. Working with Eco Polymers Recycling will be a hassle free, professional and profitable experience for you.

Through innovation and technology Eco Polymers Recycling is the only Queensland company that can receive all different types of plastics and reprocess it to the highest quality Resins and Powders.

Eco Polymers Recycling is a Brisbane based company that started as a scrap metal collection company. We identified a need to provide a solution for waste plastics and provide a complete service in an industry where there is currently very little choice.

Although Eco Polymers Recycling endeavours to keep as much material in Australia as possible, we have developed an export division to deal with all products that are excess or not feasible to process in Australia.

Established by Andrew and Tania Odgers in 2002, the company has gained a reputation for high quality Plastic Resin and Powder products. We work closely with our customers to deliver their specific product requirements.

Eco Polymers Recycling is proud to provide direct employment to over 15 local staff and indirectly further employment opportunities to hundreds more in the broader manufacturing community.

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